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Below is a list of our policies, they are available in large print, other languages and audio. Please email or ask a member of staff for a copy.



Confidentiality and client access to records. 

Safeguarding children and child protection.   

Children’s rights and entitlements.  

Supporting children with special educational needs.  

Valuing diversity and promoting equality. 

Achieving positive behaviour.  

Employment and staffing  Student placements.    

Induction of staff, volunteers and managers.  

Risk assessment. 

Health and safety general standards .   

Fire safety and emergency. 

Intruder policy.  

Photographing children.   

Mobile phones. 

If a child leaves unaccompanied.

N/B Our policies are working documents and may at times be amended.

Recording and reporting of accidents and incidents.    

Food hygiene.  

Animals in the setting.  

Administrating medicines.    

Managing children with allergies, or who are sick or infectious. 

The role of the key person and settling in.       

Parental involvement.    

Working in partnership with other agencies.

Transfer of records to school.     

Alcohol and other substances.    

Sun protection.    

Non smoking.  

Nappy policy.  

Head lice policy.   

Making a complaint.     

Non payment of fee’s.    

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